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Default RE: 2.4Ghz

ORIGINAL: Electrolight

ORIGINAL: Bruce88123

No such thing as a 6C. I'm sure you meant Futaba 6EX 6-Channel 2.4GHz. Just to clarify. 6EX now delivering, 7C and 9C coming soon and of course higher channel count sets in the future.
Thank you for correcting me. But you seemed to know what I meant.
He new what you meant. But we make corrections like that for others later on that might be reading the thread and not know there isn't one. We try to be careful like this because of the very nature of the beginner's forum. It's so easy for somebody starting out to pick up a bad piece of info, and they don't know that it's bad info. So we're a little more careful here than other forums are about making corrections.

Plus, I think Bruce likes doing it anyway!!! If he didn't work on airplanes I think he should have been english teacher. I can see it now, sitting in front of a room of 3rd graders rapping them on the knuckles with a ruler every time they make a mistake!!!!!