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Default RE: Let's try again DL-50

ORIGINAL: Speedy-Gonzales

An "expert" is someone that has crashed more than 10 times!
You left off one really important part, the largest piece cannot be more than 6 square inches

My dad said this to me once when I planted a 30% Cap232 about 3 yrs ago. I planted one really hard and was really beside myself. I tossed all the pieces into the back of the truck and sat down next to him in the drivers seat (he was wheelchair bound and did not get out of the truck once we goththere) and lit a smoke. He looked over at me and told me he was mad at me. I said I know I crashed your favorite plane, he said no and proceeded to tell me that the reason he was mad because all my life he always said that in whatever I do I should always do my best to do it right and since there were pieces larger than 6 sq inches I did not do it right and I should go back out and do it again and get it right.

I laughed so hard I endined up with tears coming down my cheeks. It's funny how a 80ish yr old man could make a 45 yr old man laugh like that and just so you know, once we got home I planted him and his wheelchair on the front port next to a table, placed all the pieces/parts on it and gave him a hammer, screwdriver and everything else he needed and told him to show me how to do it and went inside and in a couple of minutes I heard all this pounding and looked out to see he with the childesh grin on his face with the hammer finishing off the bigest piece of the wing and once again here I am laughing hard

Here is the thread I started on it two years ago, the pics (before and after) are at: