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Default RE: Let's try again DL-50

I agree, and well-said, RichAur. I **have** owned nearly every other 50cc class engine out there, EXCEPT the DA. Reason I never owned one of those? $$$, period. For years, the DA has "set the Gold Standard", a feat which usually is accomplished by those "with the Gold", and it is true in this case.

Not one of the other 50cc engines I have run performs on a par with the DL's that I have had. Not One.

The fact that DA's are darn close is a compliment to THEIR performance, which is well above many others. Just see my 50cc weights page on my website to view all of the 50's class that I've owned, with a couple of exceptions.

Another fact that we sometimes forget is "Value".... $$$ invested v.s. quality v.s. performance v.s. reliability v.s. service. Anyone reading this thread for any length of time should have an easy time making the "Value" decision for themselves. Nobody here is a pimp or pusher (or DL-sponsored, as far as I know - if anyone IS, they are in violation of RCU rules because no ones' signature has that info posted)