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Default RE: The Unofficial all things Jet drive thread

oh I've messed with grates(grills), they just dont seems to work. I made a real good one, like you couldnt make one less restrictive if you tried, but it would cause the drive to cavitate horribly. If it caught air, you'd have to stop completely. I think it has to do more with the scale of the boat. The grate would be about 1/10 the size of a real boats, but water doesnt scale down. You get a surface tension effect over the grate, which makes it tough to re-prime. It takes all the fun out of it and when you run on a lake your losing top speed. It's a risk I'm willing to live with.

Yesterday I should have known better, when she grounded across the stream, I honestly didnt want to cross to go get it and did something stupid, if I had just stopped it and walked over it would have been fine, you can blame stupidity and pain meds for my back on that one. Like I said probably the last time for the year doing that, it's fun, but yeah I beat the snot out of it.

Today, I was going to run the lake, but it's pouring so I did some more modifying, I decided to decrease some wetted surface on the hull and removed the trim tabs(really just dont need them) and I removed the point of aluminum that hung past the hull. Should actually change things quite a bit, now if it only would stop raining.

hey and if you're posting here, you better put a darn pic up
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