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Default RE: Need User's Advice on Sig Mini Plane Bipe

1 - yes
2 - I don't know, but why would you want to? logic says if it's on the rudder channel, it's always on. You can however fool around with the sensitivity.
3 - Makes it look a little better, it corrects uncommanded yaw moments automatically before you even notice. In gusty weather it's definitely better.
4 - Have rolled and looped it and it tracks beautifully (I "suspect" the gyro is making me look better there ) but haven't snapped it, I suspect the real Mini doesn't either
5 - Not at all, I think it takes the same current as an idling servo
6 - Yes, some people call it "cheating" but I am not exactly sure why. I call it a "partial fly-by-wire" Actually I have decided to put one in every small or short coupled taildragger in the future.