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Default RE: Why join a club

The first club I joined was solely for the reason of their flying instructions. Two years later when I had got some skills I joined another one much closer with a much better field that, sadly, has no flight school program. Now I have dropped my membership in the first club entirely; though probably 30% of our members belong to both. They are very different clubs in what they do and promote. The first club does pattern, pylon, flight schools, float flies while the second club is IMAA and concentrates mostly on large scale and hosts a regional IMAA fly in. Zero competition. All just for fun. Though there is a bias against small (.40 & .60 size) 2-stroke models.

Now it would seem the first club offers more - but - when you show up there are always events so you either have to be a participant in or not fly, lots of pin waiting, lots of work days. The scond club has fewer members, mostly older or even retired, and it's very common to have the whole field to myself evenings or Sunday afternoons.