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Default RE: Why join a club

I'm a member of two clubs:

Club #1 has a good sized field, 12 safety benches for prepping/starting planes, full kitchen stocked with food & drinks, pavillion, picnic tables, etc. I know most of the guys there and we enjoy BS'ing and flying. This club is 35 minutes from my house.

Club #2 has a tiny field (300'x100'), no facilities at all, and I'm usually alone when I go out there to fly. This club is 10 minutes from my house.

I like club #1 the best, but find myself flying at club #2 more than half the time, just because I have limited windows of time, and a 20 minute round trip means more flying than a 70 minute round trip! First priority for me is being able to get some flying time in, after that, it's the facilities, the guys, and the BS!

If you have a club closer to you, I'd suggest you check it out and meet the guys, if they seem friendly to you, join up and give it a try. You'll probably make some new friends there, and spend some more time flying instead of driving!