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Default RE: Why join a club

Good topic! There are four fields around our city that are extremely viable. I chose one of them that has a 100.00 membership fee every year and before you say "A hundred dollars?" let me explain.
First off, this club has over 50 years of private ownership. Nobody is turned down however and it has a couple of things I think are necessary. It has two asphalt runways one east/west the other north/south. NOT GRASS!! I think in order to feel like a pilot you must look or practice like one. We have a huge hangar with four huge work tables. We sponsor about eight events a year. Not too much not too little. Second, two of our instructors made instructors of the year. A big plus when you start to get into different types of aircraft i.e. jets, large scale, IMAC the whole nine yards. It gives you a sense of security when you build a new plane and have over 50 years experience looking at it and letting you know some fine points on the build itself. I dont know how much I've saved in money and emotional pain. We buy our members anything they want with our club credit card and ask for payment within one month, an awesome priviledge if your short that week or something.

Basically it comes down to how you like to fly. If you just like to get up in the air and do your magic theres really no need for any club. If you really want to get into this hobby I think your club should reflect you.