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Default RE: Why join a club

The place i go is not The best in the world. Sometimes the grass is way to high. The road going into is very bad. It is not real big. 100X300. This is the best time of yr. for going. The grass is just dying off and it is great.
The guys while most being older and I am 51 are very good guys and though seeming kinda prudish at first are very friendly. We have 43 members and only about 10-15 show up for meetings. I am fairly new to them about 5mnths, but fly more than any of them. I go just about everyday. Sat. Sun. I go early and usually am about ready to go when the others start showing up around 1-2pm. But for me it is only about 10min. The guys are friendly and I have the field to myself, most times. Membership is 30.00 yr. And as so many others we are afraid we are going to lose our lease at the end of it's term. The lease is only 100.00 a yr. and with no more members it is hard for us to lease anything that will be much more.