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Default RE: Kangaroo-NitroPlanes-Assembly


I am working on the "front" I have to lower the nose gear retract mounting rails by 1 1/4". The spring air retract has to be at the lower depth to be "flush" when gear is retracted. Nitro planes had some other rretract in mind I guess. But I had the 305 set on my shelf. Me thinks my Patroit kit is pi$$ed off at me for using its retracts. Checking the Patroit's assembly manual as well as a Cermark F-20 and looking at this retract unit needs mounting surface inside the plane not at skin level.

Last night I took out the origional mounting rails and made a plate to drop in place. Set in with 20 min epoxie. Tonight I will make gussets to hold the plate in place. And then to look for a way to put a screw or two in for added strength. What I did not have interlocking parts.

The OS .50 SX was just set in the engine bay It has not been installed.