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Default RE: Kangaroo-NitroPlanes-Assembly

Retracts Installed.

On the main struts I soldered a washer to the inside to prevent the wheel from binding on the bend radius. A wheel collar could not be used here because the axel portion of the strut whould have been too long and cold have hit the upper wing skin. The washer looks like a brake on the back side of the wheel. A flat was filed on the "axel" for the wheel collar also locktite was used on the set screw. Notches had to be cut in the wing sheeting and wheels to clear the spring loop.

Spring Air found the problem I had with one of the sticky mains and it was in todays mail. I did not expect it back so soon. The problem was the 10-32 set screww for holding the strut inplace was backed out of the trunion far enough the set screw hit the piston shaft just as the gear was nearly retracted. DOH!

I shifted nose retract unit over a bit to give me a bit more room for the steering linkage.

An air restrictor will be installed in the air system to keep the gear from slamming up and down.
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