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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

ORIGINAL: SpiderJets


Do you have Jet A1 oleos with following dimensions ?

Mains : pivot block 1/2" - length from pivot block to wheel axle : 122 mm (minimum : 114 / max : 128 mm) - axle diameter : 4,90mm (=brass bushings) - wheel axle length : 24 mm.
Nose : pivot axle : 6 mm / wheel axle : 4,90 mm (= wheel brass bushings) - length strut : same as mains or longer (max 20mm)


yes we do have those oleo,s , i think the Kingcat are a bit overkill.
but i got other things also
also i do have those retracts , you showed but for the "Formost"they are a but weak if you aks me
UH in hk sells those

i have a better idea
why dont you and mr cyprus get in the car visit me bring your model , we set it up on its legs , after that we will have a good dinner on my expense.. (good steakhouse)
or we go to a good greek..