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Don Brent
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Default What about a 60 size trainer?

Hi Grisom,

I'm in a similar place as you and have done alot of shopping around for trainers. I ended up with a 60 size trainer as alot of people were telling me how the larger the plane, the lower the wing loading and hence, the easier they are to fly. Of course a 60 would cost more $$$.

For a 40 size trainer, I wanted to throw out an old favorite of mine which is the Eagle 2 (by Goldberg). I've built 2 of these and they go together VERY nicely. The one I was using to train on flew very gently. With the hi-dihedral wing option it was extremely stable and foregiving.

By the way, if you have a good instructor who is willing to buddy cord with you, your plane is fairly safe. I built my first plane from a kit and for the 10 or so hours I flew it (before I sold it) it never so much as got scratched.

Good Luck,