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Default RE: Emaxx 16.8 vs Revo 3.3

Don't know much about nitro though i would like to(interested in the new Savage XL), I have the new Emaxx. I have my Maxx ($330) /SPC batteries-2 twin pacs ($250) / I want to go brushless eventually which is about $210 for a combo. Plus about $125 in hopup parts to make it more durable(want all RPM parts and aluminum bulks if the stocks break). Also about $150 for a good charger that can also charge lipo. So all in all, when im done, i should be at about a little over $1000 with my New Emaxx. I've very happy with my Maxx.

Runtime on the Maxx with the 7 cells should give about 30-40 minutes depending on how hard you drive it. You can get batteries as low as $60 for a pair. And a charger for $50 if you want to get started along with the maxx which will be about $440 total.