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Hey Guys. APC props are good props and work well for many engine/airframe combinations. However, I have heard that they have a tendency to crack at the hub. Pylon racers who use APC props know this.
It is a good idea to get in the habit of doing a pre-flight inspection of your plane at the begining of each flying session. Before you install the wing, start at the front of the plane and work your way back, being sure to check the fuselage, tail and landing gear for any damage to the structure or covering. Check the prop, prop nut, spinner, engine mount and bolts, firewall, muffler, fuel lines, filter, throttle linkage, battery, reciever, antennea, switch, servos, servo arms, servo mounts and screws, connectors, pushrods, clevises, control horns, hinges, control surfaces, wheels and wheel collars. Then check the wing and it's servos, linkages and contol surfaces. Then install the wing and do a radio check, make sure all the controls work and are going the right way, this also a good time to do a range check. I know this alot of stuff to remember and check but once you get into a routine it gets easier and it just may save your airplane someday.