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Default RE: TBM Props?

Funny thing about the TBM prop. It's not similar to a Xoar, Wild Hare, BME. Not similar at all. It's exactly the same. Xoar makes propellers for quite a few companies and most of them start out with exactly the same shapes and contours. The only difference will be the name on the front of the blade. Once in a great while one company will want a tip shape a little different to stand out from the crowd. This is where I've gotten quite a kick out of some people that have posted about the terrible results they had with a TBM prop, while stating they had much better performance with a Xoar or BME. They were flying the same prop with all of them.

It's already been noted but worth saying again. It's not how many rpm a prop provides, it's in how the rpm is delivered to the airframe. Ther are quite a few propellers that will never match the screamers in rpm counts but will otherwise out perform those props in every other way imaginable. Just like in drag mile racing. You may have more horse power but if you get beat to the finish line by someone with less how much did the extra h.p. matter? It's all in the delivery.