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Default RE: Boat newby here ! l have planes etc but...

Tons of pictures at the [link=http://Ausbg.org]Ausbg.org[/link] and in the gallery at [link=http://ntxbg.org]ntxbg.org[/link]. In fact, our Memorial Day battle, which was filmed by the Discovery Channel, Canada, are in the last page of albums (page 9?).

As for aircraft carriers, Nimitz is post WW2 and ineligible (1900-1946 is legal). But, there are plenty of carriers, both big and small, that you can build. You might want to check out the article from Servo Magazine, reprinted with permission, on the NTXBG web site (see: In the News) for a summary of the hobby. It will answer a lot of your questions.

However, if you can build a working R/C helicopter or plane from WWI or WWII, in 1/144 scale, then we have an aircraft carrier for you to fly it from. Love to see it.

I STRONGLY recommend going to a local battle or two before you even THINK about getting started. They might even have a club ship you can run to see if the hobby is for you. One nice thing, once the ship is built, maintenance is generally minimal other than new silkspan, occasionally balsa, painting, etc. Even if something goes drastically wrong, it is usually a couple of hours and under USD$50 to fix.