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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

Well I have finally flown the Formost after borrowing a Wren 54 MK III from a buddy of mine, I put 3 1/2 flights on it today.

The first flight was HARRY[X(]

I set the CG just aft of the spar......this was way too tail heavy, as the flight progress it became so pitch sensitive that I hand over the transmitter to my buddy Daleroger who has had experience with tail heavy jets before.

We added a extra 6 cell NiMh battery pack for nose weight as far forward on the upper tray as possible.

The next three flights were great.

My spotter (Flyaway) was watching for any abnormal wing flexing, he assured me that the wing looked good through out the flight, so I am now satisfied that the spar and wing modifications are doing there job.

I need to cut a battery hatch underneath the fuse in front of the nose wheel opening to get the batteries as far forward as possible.

I will report on my future flights.

Anybody else flying one yet?