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mike boxtall
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I have only tried a 14X8 and a 13X7. I was happier with the 14X8. Not a screamer but it will climb out of sight in no time and with the lower rpms it was surprisingly quiet. Put into a dive the motor really got to unwind and it moved quite well. Not even going to venture a guess as to how fast it was going, but it was moving. The 13X7 I found it to be 'ok'. It just didn't have the authority it had with the latter. I maidened it with the 14X8 which may have had influence on my preferance. But when I flew it with the 14X8 I was around 2/3 throttle and the plane was really happy with the 13X7 I was at 3/4+ to make it fly with the same "happiness". But that's just me. Also I put it into a really agressive dive at WOT, tried pulling out too fast and blew the stab clean off... just to give you an idea as to how fast it was going. Saved the plane and all that is wrong with it other than the stab was the servo tray broke loose. I got lucky.