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Default World Model's P-51, 40 size

I cant be to specific about the mustang from world models except that Ive seen a Miss America fly with a os la 40 or 46 on it, seemed to fly really nice, looked really nice! I have a World Models Rambler, friend had a Midget Mustang from them, there ARF's are really good quality. Only thing that I have have found, is that there landing gear wires are kinda on the weak side...even on my retracts on the rambler. But probably in the end, its a good thing.

There is a club in California, i think san deigo, that pylon race world model mustangs. I thought I had the link saved, but I cant find it right now. Might see if you can find it, and look there. I will look n post the link if i can find it.

good luck