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Default RE: What do you think of FORMOST 150 ?

I loss my formost two saturdays ago when I bashed into a post on my way in for a low pass. Was an judgement error on my part. Mine was not so lucky as the whole thing caught fire when it impacted ground... burnt up most of my stuff, servos, rx, etc......

I had since bought and started assembling a new kit ... it is the latest version ... fuselage is same as RCISFUN's. Wing is of similar construction to the original design as shown in Nicolas's post, two piece short aluminum spar tube, thin balsa upper and lower spar.

Only difference (or improvement) from the first generation wing design is that it now comes with flaps (~1/3 the original aileron length) and the balsa shear webs had been replaced with lite ply webs.

Rich: Sorry to hear about the loss of your formost...