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Default RE: are these blades any good for cp pro?

LOL, now I can't put, "Hey Def" anymore...

So, I guess it'll be HS...short for HeliStyle!

Cool on the parts! Now you can finally rebuild!

Yeah, it's always nice to have a parts supply, so you will have most stuff "in stock" !!

I have most stuff that I might break for the CPP in stock...blades, main gear, tail rotor, tail motor, skids, servos, hardware set, main motor, a COMPLETE SPARE CPP, just little stuff like that...LOL !!

But nothing too unusual like a main frame, or canopy (I actually do have a spare silver one somewhere around here)

No flying today, a bit too windy, plus my B400 motor is about to take a dump, and I'd rather not fly it like I have been concentrating very hard on the lots of sim time last night, and today at work, and I'm gonna dedicate some more time tonight. I am working on stuff that I had a hard time with last time I flew...I got the B400 rebuilt otherwise from my little accident at the new flying place.

The name is cool, I like it!

I never did understand what Deftones meant anyways? lol

Good luck on the rebuild, and keep us posted!!