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Default Top Flite B-25 - Wingspan Models Add-ons Build Thread

A build thread in the ARF/RTF forum?? Well, “build thread” has become a generic term for a thread that documents the building/assembling/putting together of a plane, whether it be a kit or an ARF. And since the plane we started with is an ARF I decided to go ahead and post this “build thread” here in the ARF/RTF forum.

As many of you may already know I recently finished reviewing the [link=http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=1011]RCU Review of the Top Flite B-25J Mitchell ARF[/link] for RC Universe. I really enjoyed doing this review and this is a very nice plane and is a joy to fly. As I mentioned in my review, this plane really lends itself to doing “add-ons”. There have already been several members that have used the plane as a starting point to adding on scale details to result in a very detailed scale plane. And we are now staring to see some of the commercial companies out there release “add-ons” for this plane, as we see here in this build thread.

While covering the 2008 Weak Signals Show in Toledo this year I was standing at the Hobbico booth on the floor with fellow RCU member Minnflyer, and we were standing in front of and discussing the Top Flite B-25. As we stood there talking another gentleman came up beside Mike and I. As we were talking this new guy commented that he had built a bomb bay and working “bomb drop” for this plane. Now I’ll be honest there that I was a bit skeptical as I heard this as sometimes guys will brag to impress others when they really don’t have anything at all. But as I talked to him a bit more I decided that maybe he really did have something worked out, maybe!! So about this time he invited Mike and I over to his booth so we could see exactly what he was talking about. Ok, I’ll be honest that I did feel bad that I doubted him in the first place. But anyway, that person I was talking to was Michael Kramer with [link=http://www.wingspanmodels.com]www.wingspanmodels.com[/link]. At his booth he showed us the working bomb bay and bomb drop that he had engineered for the Top Flite B-25. Both Mike and I were so impressed with this that we decided to shoot a booth visit for the RCU Coverage of the [link=http://www.rcuniverse.com/magazine/article_display.cfm?article_id=994]Weak Signals Show[/link]. That booth visit can be seen here: [link]http://videoserver.rcuniverse.com/rcuvideos/magazine/reviews/994/wsm.wmv[/link].

After we finished up the visit I talked with Michael and explained that I was doing the review of the B-25 for RCU and asked him if he was interested in letting do a review of his bomb bay as well. At first he was a little hesitant because he had actually just finished the bomb bay 2 nights before he left for Toledo and hadn’t even started production on them yet. But after talking with him a bit he agreed to send one out once he got back home after the show. So at that time I left him my card and went on covering the show. When I got home from the show Michael called me and we talked about it Michael told me he was actually sending me three separate products; [link=http://wingspanmodels.com/Products/Electronics/ERS.html]The Bomb Release System[/link], [link=http://wingspanmodels.com/Products/Accessories/TF%20B-25%20BBD%20Demo%20Video.html]The B-25 Bomb Bay Add-On[/link], and [link=http://wingspanmodels.com/Products/Accessories/TF%20B-25%20TT%20Demo%20Video.html]The B-25 Rotating Top Turret[/link]

Michael Kramer and Wingspan Models have always been know for very highly detailed scale kits of mostly warbirds, so these add-ons make an interesting new type of product to come to the market. His products allow ARF pilots to add scale, semi-scale, and working features to their ARF warbirds with a minimal amount of hassles. I know that some ARF owners would be very nervous about simply cutting into the skin of their treasured plane and trying to figure out how to make a bomb bay work. With these new products they don’t need to worry any more. Michael has done all the “sweat work” and “guess work” so the end user can easily repeat his work. As ARF’s become more popular I think we’ll see more of these Add-ons for existing ARF’s.

So with that being said, let’s get started with this build thread.

1. Here is my B-25 that I used for the review.

Until next time

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