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Default RE: Top Flite B-25 - Wingspan Models Add-ons Build Thread

I didn’t mention this on the last post, but don’t glue in FL1 quite yet. There are a few other things we need to do first.

Now I ran into my next “glitch” on this build, and please understand that this one is in no way Michael or Wingspan Model’s fault. In fact, it was Michael that told me I was going to run into this problem was I built. But that problem is finding paint for the turret. Now of course we are going to want to paint the turret so that it matches the color of the fuselage, but good luck finding a matching paint. The TF B-25 is covered in Olive Drab Monokote, but the shade is just a bit off from readily available paint. I had on hand Testors Model Master Olive Drab spray paint which I was hoping would be “close”. But it you look at picture #1 you can see that it’s not even close. So next I tried Medium Green hoping it would be close, and once again not even (picture #2). So I put my thinking cap on trying to come up with a solution. I really wanted the color on the turret to match otherwise I was afraid it would stick out like a sore thumb. In fact, if you look at my first post in this thread you can see the picture I posted from Wingspan Model’s website, and you can see the same color mismatch. I finally came up with the solution; cover it with the same covering as the fuselage is covered in. In picture #3 you can see that I saved the covering I cut out when I installed the side pack guns on the side of the B-25. Perfect!!!!! There’s the OD green Monokote I needed. Once again, this goes back to my frustration with the plane manufacturers not providing a small amount of covering with an ARF. SO…… if any manufacturers are reading this, how about a 12”x12” square of the colors used on the plane included in the box??? Wink wink hint hint beg beg please please!!!! It would make life so much easier!!!! Anyway, off the soapbox. I cut approximately 1” of the covering and then ironed it on the top portion of the turret. This is all that I needed to do, as only this part of the turret will show above the fuselage. I know that the inside of the turret is still off color, but that is going to be hard to see when the plane is flying overhead!!!! Now I’m much happier as the turret will match the fuselage when it’s installed.

Now back to the on/off switch. As I said earlier, I decided to mount the switch so that the extension would come down beside the turret. To do this I used the switch portion of a Du-Bro mounting jack. This was perfect as it held the switch in the proper position and was very easy to install. I placed FL1 in the fuselage and then put the turret in place on the drive motor. I think used a sharpened pushrod to mark on FL1 where the switch would be mounted by pushing the pushrod down to FL1 and then turning it to score the mark. Then I drilled a 1/8” hole in FL1 to mount the switch. A couple of zip ties were used to gather up and secure all the wiring under FL1. As you can see in picture #11, a small notch was carved to allow the extension to exit the fuselage without interfering with the turret.

1. Olive Drab spray paint does not mach
2. Medium Green paint does not match either
3. Monokote removed during assembly of the TF B-25
4. Iron a ~1” strip of covering on to the turret.
5. Monokote strip in place.
6. Turret in position.
7. Switch mount portion of a Dubro remote mount
8. Drill 1/8” hole to mount switch
9. On/Off switch in place
10. Use zip ties to secure the wiring.
11. Notch carved in fuselage so extension will not interfere with the turret.
12. Switch extension and turret in place.
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