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Default RE: 3D at your flying field


ORIGINAL: gig1129

It's so easy to 3D.

Wayne's just mad his short sticks can't touch each other anymore.
Wow. A reply to a 2002 posting.

I'm kind of glad to see this topic come back six years later. It will be interesting to see if there has been any change in attitude towards 3D.

At my field, there seems to have been a drop off in 3D flying in the last three years or so. There is still three or four fliers who fly 3D, but they tend to fly 3D later in the day when there's fewer people at the field. And a couple of them are very good pilots and are excellent at flying 3D, so they're fun to watch.

Personally, I am not a 3D flier and have no desire to do so, but to each their own...