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Default RE: Top Flite B-25 - Wingspan Models Add-ons Build Thread

With the air tank in place above the wing tubes it’s time now to repair what had to be removed to get the tank in place. I started off by rebuilding the cross-member for the fuselage former. First step was to cut a cross piece out of lite ply material. I epoxied it in place first so that I had a base to rebuild the rest of the former on. After the epoxy was cured I then epoxied the original piece that was cut out back in place. Of course this wasn’t going to be a perfect fit because of the area where that was cut away. For those two saw kerfs I filled the area with epoxy. And then a final step I epoxied a ¼” square piece of basswood across the member. When the epoxy dried the member looked to be at least as strong, if not stronger, than the original cross-member. Replacing the wing tube that was removed is a simple step of inserting it back in place and using epoxy to secure it in place.

Running the length of the fuselage is a plastic tube that was originally used to route the servo extension wires from the rear of the plane up to the receivers. This will need to be removed for the installation of the bomb bay. Simply cut the tube at the forward and rear formers and sand the tube flush with the forum. The last step here was to cut off the loops that secured the tube in place; this can be easily accomplished with a razor saw.

1. Epoxy a lite ply cross brace to start rebuilding the cross member.
2. Epoxy the original cut piece in place and glue a ¼” piece over that to complete the rebuild.
3. The cross-member has been rebuilt.
4. Use epoxy to re-glue the wing tube in place.
5. Cut the loops that secured the wiring tube.

Until next time

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