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Default RE: Post all your "crappola" here

Don't know what kind of bugs you got in to but here in Iowa out in the cornfields where I practice the gnats can get really, really bad. Bug spray has no effect what so ever.
In fact they may be attracted by it! [] What works is vanilla extract (not the artificial). Sometimes you gotta really put it on but it will turn them away. Also something called "Skin So Soft" from Avon is supposed to help. NO! Jason! I don't have any![:@] Something else that is supposed to work is a Bounce fabric softner clothes dryer sheet
under your hat! My daughter, Eliz, and I were driving back from the Omaha contest yesterday evening. She would tolerate me listening to talk radio for awhile and I would tolerate her CD's. During one of my turns listening to talk radio they said that mosquitos swarm around the highest point near a warm body. According to this guy on the radio if you hold a small branch over your head they will swarm above you and leave you alone! Jason, when you're competing in one of these exotic locations again and try this method let me know so I can arrange to have plenty of pictures taken for the K-Factor cover!