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Default RE: Sureflite Spitfire

There are two versions of this plane. The newer one has a slightly longer wing, probably a good thing for electric conversion. The motor mount can be a clamshell on the plywood for an inrunner or you can adopt one of the commercial mounts to the plywood they furnish. The plywood should not be a problem with just epoxy holding it but you can drill it and put toothpicks into the foam to secure it even better for overkill.

I need a hotter set up for mine. What I have predicts out to only 67MPH and I want more than that. I had a hot 46 in my last one and it was a 100mph+ plane. Since I had to add nose weight to that plane a 60 would probably have balanced fine. Keep the tail heavy problem in mind on your build. Make sure you seal the ailerons reasonably well as this plane loses a lot of aileron effectiveness as it slows to land. Take off's are a challenge. My best results came from holding up elevator on the take off roll until it got fast enough for rudder effectiveness. Relax the elevator while adding a lot of rudder to keep it from swinging to the left. If you wait until it starts swinging you may not have enough rudder to get it back straight. The plane rewards smooth flying. I'll be looking for a 4s set up. I hate to spend the money to go beyond my 3s lipos but I can't seem to find a way to get what I want without it.

I've got another Spit and a P40 Sureflite and am looking forward to building them as electrics. If you build the P40 the stock cowl is a great item to replace as it's cheap and cracks easily.