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Default RE: engine and prop

Agreeing with moving it back a bit. Remember when balancing an airplane at any given spot it is only balanced at that point when the airplane is perfectly level. In reality most people give the airplane a slight nose down when balanced at the desired point, Kind of like pushing another inch of manifold pressure for mother and country taking off high, hot and heavy.

That is fine as a little safety margin however since there is no way to quantify that margin and just a degree or two will alter the cg noticibly. In reality what we have done is balance the airplane an unknown distance forward of our target CG.

In other words while we think it is balanced at the forward most point (if that was the target CG)
Its is actually an unknown point even further forward than we thought depending on how much nose down was added for mother an country.

While not generally a safety of flight problem such as an excessive aft CG it can and does
contribute to problems in slowing down for approchs and landing too fast and so forth.