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Default RE: IV Ti has gone bonkers

The capacitors filter out the RF noise created by the motors. Without them you risk a serious crash caused by the interference. I would not fly the DF with even the smallest crack! They are too cheap to risk a crash by not using them.

i have done some research on capacitors as i to needed to replace mine due to a crash and found the following info on the ones used on the DF:

10nF Ceramic Disc Capacitor

* For general purpose applications.
* 50Vdc max working voltage.
* 5mm lead pitch.
* High dielectric constant ceramic.
* -20% +80% standard tolerance.
* -25 deg +80 deg temperature rating.

must be ceramic and no less than 12vdc. i replaced all my caps with these. i got them from ebay for about £2 for a pack of 50!

however i would still look at anyother connection on the board cos the problems you have could be down to more than one issue. you still have to think about "what made the fuse blow mid air"??!