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Default RE: IV Ti has gone bonkers

I'm chasing a similar problem with mine. The right motor seems to start faster than all the rest and with more power.

If you can solder, make sure you don't have any cold solder joints in the 4 FET transistors. Those are the big black ones on the mail board. If a slight crack in the solder can cause this.

The capacitors can cause some problems, but if you at least think that those are the problem, then just unsolder 1 lead and test. All the capacitor does is reduce some RF noise for the receiver. It won't make much difference if your 3ft from the DF. Further away, in flight mode, it will make a difference.

As for replacement, the caps don't need to be anything mil spec, just able to have a 12v rating. In fact, if you really want to make sure you kill all the RF noise, adding ferrite beads to the motor leads will help as well.

If you hold the DF by the bottom and start to power up, does it 'twitch' on a specific axis? If so, it might be a gyro. Mine is going that, but by doing some advanced voltage checks and looking at it on a scope, it doesn't seem to be a gyro. Mike is sending me a replacement gyro just in case.

Fastest full proof solution is to fire over to Spectrolutions with $50 or so and have it overhauled. I will commend him on his amazing service.

Mike VA3MW