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Default Single conversion And Dual conversion

Originally posted by strato911
MOST single conversion (SC) receivers have less range than dual conversion (DC) receivers. This is fine when flying park-flyers in a small area, or for indoors flight. The exception to this rule is JR's SC receivers. They have additional circuitry designed to improve the receiver's noise rejection capabilities. This allows JR to make SC receivers capable of similar reception range as its competitor's DC receivers.
That's not really accurate. MOST SC receivers are full-range. They are slightly more susceptible to one particularl type of interference than DC but they do not have any less range.

SOME very small receivers specifically for indoor or parkflyers have reduced range. They are almost all SC but it's not being SC that reduces the range.

As well as JR you'll find that Futaba, Berg, GWS and Airtronics/Sanwa all make full range Single Conversion receivers.