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Default RE: J3 cub, crash on take off nearly every time.

ok take my figures as relative to actual airflow over the wings, upwind they are increased and downwind decreased, that affects handling bigtime and noticeably too. cross I am always on the rudder and crabs too, as is expected. This is just the start of our experuimentation with our models, We are currently looking into getting sert up with telemetry to fit the cub to give a variety of data including airspeed, gps groundspeed, altitude and attitude variations etc there are set uops that do some for gliders, and we are trying to adapt gps and airspeed to the set up, saving it all on a mp3 so we can d/l to a laptop and see what we shall see what and how. Our electronics whizz is having a ball trying to sort it out in a small package that works, looking forw to getting the setup and trying it out