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Default RE: IV Ti has gone bonkers

As of about 15 minutes ago, I'm having the same issue. It's a two-axis twitter, and makes the DF nearly impossible to keep in the air. Here's a strange bit that I'm hesitant to mention, because I'm quite sure it's not the cause of the twitching... A few days ago the DF took a spill that cracked one of the motor-mounted capacitors. However, since then it's been running fine. It may have not been in an ideal state to fly, but it could hold a steady hover without Ti.

Then today after an incredibly light nudge into a wall indoors at a height of about 6 inches (barely enough to fold the rotors back), the DF can't keep it's sh*t together.

I'm posting this as I'm pretty sure the capacitor is not the cause of the problem. Hopefully it'll help others more tech-savvy than myself to figure out the issue.