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Default RE: Best beginner aircraft...

First things first. Over the last 5 years of flying RC planes i have found that most ppl that fly real planes have a harder time learning to fly RC plane then someone that has never been in a real plane. First off forget all you know about flying a 747 it will not help you in anyway to learn to fly RC. In the past i have helped a number of new comers learn to fly and the hardest ones to teach is the ones that fly real planes and i am not trying to be ugly about this in anyway but most of them want lesion to what you are telling them because they think they know more then the guy trying to help them. I welcome all new ppl to the hobbie and love to help someone learn but when you stand there and tell me i don't know what i am talking about then you crash your plane guess who don't know what they are talking about. What i am trying to say is lesion to the guy trying to help ya out he is the one that has 10.000 good landings with a RC plane not the new guy. So with that said welcome to the great hobby of RC flying i hope you have the best time of your life flying and good luck.