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Default RE: Best beginner aircraft...

997Porsche, I think your knowledge about flying full sized is only a help to you and you seem to have the correct attitude about R/C to make the conversion quickly. When I started flying lessons, after 4 years of flying R/C airplanes, my instructor felt I had a leg up, compaired to other students which had no knowledge about flying. What makes an airplane fly and how it is controlled is known to you. Certainly R/C is a different aviation venue. The major differences are: R/C flying is 100% by visual ques and you have to be able to fly the airplane coming towards you, something absolutly foreign to full scale.

I do agree with Draftman1; Find a local club and determine who the club feels their best instructors are. Get to know them and chose one who you think you'll get along with, then allow him to teach you how. If this instructor has flown full scale, so much the better, as he will be able to relate to your situation better.

RCKen has a ton of information on starting out and there is really great help available here, too. Just remember: Pay closer attention to what your instructor tells you, than the people here! Myself included!