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Default RE: Best beginner aircraft...

I'm not a licencsed pilot, but I was working on my license and had several hours flying a real Cessna 182 before I got into Rc. I would agree with xcdf65, its a lot different standing on the ground and flying with your thumbs than it is being inside the plane. Ken's list is a great place to start, and you will probably get a lot of recommendations here, but I'll give you two of mine while I'm at it. You need to decide if you want to start out with glow engine planes or electric and your budget is also a consideration. There are some great inexpensive electrics like the Hobbyzone Super Cub that are cheap and excellent to learn with, but are more limited when it comes time to uprgrade or learn more advanced manuevers. If you want to start out with a glow engine trainer, I'd reccomend the Hobbicco Avistar, it is cheaper and due to the semi-semetrical wing it will stay interesting longer than most other trainers. Just something to consider. Welcome to the Rc world!