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Default RE: Best beginner aircraft...

Not true, I have 399 hours in full size aircraft and Ultralights... flying R/C Aircraft and flying full size is about the same. The only difference is when we fly the R/C aircraft we are not in the Cockpit.

My Ultralight instructor told me most of his students are R/C pilots... and to him it was exactly the same principle. The only other differences are is if you crash a full size aircraft you can kill yourself or find yourself in the hospital with the FAA on your back... with a R/C plane you crash you just go home with a lumber yard in your bag, and a big heart ache to go along with it.
When I say full size, I should have said commercial Which brings me to the subject of learning R/C... the maneuverability compared to some of the jets I've flown...

I think the "sportiest" aircraft I've flown is the 727....probably my all time favorite.