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Default RE: Best beginner aircraft...

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I've been told (even in pilot training) flying R/C is harder than flying a real airplane... and with all of the automatic pilot equipment we have I'm sure they're right.

I am thinking learing to fly R/C is almost the same as learning to fly the real deal...starting with a high wing, slower speed airplane to get a feel for the controls and flight in general..

Any input is helpful.


Not harder, just different. As a former Navy pilot and Landing Signal Officer I have found the knowledge of aerodynamics and what to expect in different attitudes is valuable. My observation of tens of thousands of carrier landings helps me to anticipate landing performance but other than that, IMHO there is little cross-over. I have never experienced the same "pucker factor" in RC as I did flying full-scale.

Like any continuous motion activity, the old adage "First good, THEN Fast" applies.