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Default RE: Best beginner aircraft...

Pilots of full size planes can have a more difficult time learning the orientation of the RC plane with respect to control input. This is because they want to continue to sit in the plane and fly it. Most non pilot beginners in RC want to do the same thing. In fact most are taught to pretend that they are inside the plane flying it.

Stop pretending that you are inside the RC plane
. This is absolutely the wrong approach to learning to fly RC planes.

To learn orientation you do the following:

Concentrate on the side of the plane closet to you. If you move the stick toward the nose of the plane, the plane comes toward you. If you move the stick toward the tail of the plane it goes away from you. This always works. It is an absolute truth. Do not think right or left. Think stick toward the nose and the plane comes toward me or stick toward the tail and the plane goes away from me.

When the plane is flying straight toward you and you need to level the wings, push the stick toward the low wing. Don't even begin to think about reversed control input when the plane is flying toward you.

The two above orientation techniques will help greatly in learning to fly RC planes.

Also if you are flying a 4 channel trainer limit the use of the rudder to controlling the plane of the ground. Turning in the air with the ailerons only is best for a beginner.

Remember forget right and left when turning. Concentrate on the side of the plane closet to you and think nose/ tail.

It always works. And there is no pretending. Nose/tail is a process solution for determining orientation.

As to the best trainer in my opinion the best glow trainer is the LT40 with an OS .46 AX. And for an electric trainer my vote is the HobbyZone Super Cub.