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Default RE: STAR WARS Tie-Fighter Interceptor Build?

Okay I am back after some testing. I did not take pictures of me building it. But it is very simple to make. Everything is measure by 1' sections and 6''. I can make a drawing pretty easy of it. I tried to keep it simple so I can go back and make more of them.

So anyways I did some testing today after the rain finally stopped. This thing has been a load of fun. I think I crashed it more in one day than I crashed the entire 20 years I been flying haha. But the thing is it crashes so slow so its more or less a funny landing so not bad. every now and then it would break and I would have to get the glue gun out and glue it back. This is my test subject so I'm going nuts with the glue and tape. Normally I would be picky and keep it clean but since it a test one no biggie.

I built this thing with a main wing in mind and a canard wing up front. I never balanced something like this before so this is all new to me. Looking at this thing I see all sorts of things that should not allow it to fly but I am going to ignore them.

As for flying this was the fun part. The very first time i tested it I held it by the vertical canopy in center. Added throttle and let go. Right off it has plenty of power so weight and power doesn't seem to be an issue. It climb about 15' and started to loop over and over very fast in a diameter about the same size ass itself. I gave some down input and it had no effect. I don't think I laughed so hard in a long time to see this thing flipping around like this. To funny. So my CG was off by a tad to say the least.

So I moved the battery all the way to the front and tried again. The same thing happened but I did have a lot more control, just not enough. Full down was not enough. From there I glued on larger elevons to see if I can get more movable surface. It worked and now I was able to control it a Lot better. But it still wanted to loop over but in a different way not CG feeling like before. Looking at my front stabilizer seen it was off and that was one of the reasons to making it want to loop over. It did fine until it got a little airspeed them started to loop over.

So I adjusted it to keep nose down and tried again. This time it flew straight and I was able to move around much better but it ended up flipping back over again. I think I will add some weird way up front on the front stabilizer and see how that goes also. But what I did do was add some down thrust with the motor. I tossed it in the air again and WOW what a difference! Flew pretty good but ended up loosing control of it and it slowly did a flat spin type decent and went in.

No major damage. But I am making progress and even though I crashed a good bit it has been a lot of fun. I had to stop flying because I ran out of day light. I will do some more testing tomorrow if it does not rain. I have plenty more ideas to try out and I am stubborn so I do plan to make this thing fly right haha.

Here are some pictures I took. Its rough but its a start!
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