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I think mine must be the newer one,it has the purple anodized crutch and really is a neat rig. The shaft you have in the picture would likely strip the inner gear bore if you hit it right,but at least you can repair it.Maybe that's why they make them like mine so they are basically toast once you wreck them. I also made a new wide aluminum landing gear with the battery pack low slung beneath the main rotor shaft seems to make all operations more stable. Mind you it may eat up my battery pack faster and if so I have landing gear from a Kalt 60 I can retro fit to my Corona. Another company has bought all Lite Machines old molds and will be selling them soon,they are similar to the old Lite Machines.You can find the name of the company on another thread about Lite Machine parts.Sorry I don't remember the name of the company but the will only be selling to hobby retailers.