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Default IMAC vs. Pattern

I know there tends to be a certain amount of crossover between IMAC and pattern. I am a pattern flier that wanted to try IMAC and I would assume that it works the other way around as well. Iam curious as to how that has worked for some of you out there?

Personally I have flown pattern for years then bought a Hangar 9 35% Extra 260 and set it up with the best of everything in order to give IMAC a try. By the time it was all over I realized that there is enough of a difference between the two disciplines to make me love one but not at all interested in the other. Ilove the airplane and it flies great, very precise and smooth. However I just have no interest in IMAC. Now I have a perfect 105 inch Extra with a DA 100, MTW cans, and all metal gear digital servos that I never fly.

Has anyone elese had a similar experience from the IMAC side?