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Default RE: IMAC vs. Pattern

I could not have said any of that better myself!

Both discipliines seem to draw some of the very best people. I have met some of my best friends through the hobby and pattern and IMAC are certainly no exception.  

For my personal preference, I tend to be less of an artistic person and extremely focused on the geometry with little desire to emulate full scale flight or aircrafts. For me it is all about the "math" or the shape of the maneuvers. I think when guys dream up pattern sequences they try to find maneuvers with different elements that can be judged, not necessarily what a full scale plane would or could do. I love all manner of aviation but prefer a pattern plane because it is designed simply to fly as true as possible, sometimes at the detriment of looking like any plane that ever took to the sky.

A good way to look at it is this, scale loops are egg shaped (for most full scale planes anyway). I want to draw a loop that looks like a computer did it. That is not to say that IMAC guys don't fly round loops, I just think that style of flying lends itself more to interpretation or what might happen in the real world.

Either way you can't go wrong and both will absolutely teach you better control of your airplane and expose you to some of the best people anywhere.