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Alright, dirtrider250's post is the reason RCUneeds a "Vote to Delete" option. Ignorant posts that make no valid point and are just negative.I justput up a post in the RC Universe Support / Suggestionsforumhttp://www.rcuniverse.com/forum/m_8870277/tm.htm that covers this exactissue. I also pastedit below.

Derogatory, inconsiderate, and purely harassing posts have gotten out of control. It is time for the members to have the power to delete any post they deem inappropriate. RC Universe desperately needs aVOTE TO DELETE"VTD" option.

VTDis an option that allows the members to "click" if they disapprove of a post. Each timethe post gets the "VTD" clicked, a little "X" gets put next to the post. Once there are three members that have clicked on the"VTD" button, the post is deleted. They have this option on www.twinturbo.net and it works quite well.

It gives the power back to the people and gets rid of the derogatory posts quickly and easily. It also takes some of extra work away from the moderators. And I am sure you moderators wouldn't mind that.

Let me know what you think, and check it out on www.twinturbo.net