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Default Flaperons: Up or Down?

I need a info/advice.
I've been setting up my sport and aerobatic models such that when I'm on final, the ailerons drop slightly acting as flaps.
Lately, I've been hearing about raising them, (for highly aerobatic models), to induce washout to help prevent tipstalls when going too slow for aerodynamic efficiency.
My WM SuperChipmunk has inboard flaps which work nicely. Does the fact that they are inboard as opposed to full aileron make a significant difference?
Would dropping or raising them on a 9 lb. .60-.90 Cap 232 have significantly different effects? (I haven't had a chance to try them on it yet.)
A little clarity on this matter would help me understand it much better. (I do understand the aerodynamic basics of washout and flap drag.)