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Default Geat Answers!

Thanks a great deal!
Since I've got three T6XAs I'm right with ya Bob.
Using a mixing switch, I have experimented with my Advance 40 by coupling the elevator with the ailerons, (two servos there). Coupling them such that the ailerons, (which now are working as both flaperons and ailerons), move in the same direction as the elevator. At moderate speeds, vertical tail movement is very evident. With them coupled oppostie, it'll turn and loop like a fun-fly.
When I'm lining up I flip the airbrake switch which drops the flaps about 85% and puts in a touch of down elevator. Good for those days when your plane just doesn't want to come down! (Its like its doing it on purpose.)
Given the illumination from the above posts, I think I'll just stick to what I've been doing. I seems I was doing the right thing.

Thanks again All and thanks for the compliment Bob. I tried to be concise and to the point.

Theres one less thing to worry about...