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Default OS 10 & House of Balsa 1/2A P51

Hi Guys,
I have a 1/2A P51 that I built many moons ago and used to run a Norvel .061 and that thing used to haul *****. I just pulled the plane out of retirement and removed the worn out engine and put on an OS 10 that I have had forever. I put a 7x4 APC prop on using 15% and the best I could get was 13,200.I went from a short to a long plug, No difference. So I removed the barrel valve and drilled it out to the same size as the venturi and got it up to 14,100.

What do you guys suggest I do next to get some more power out of this engine. More Nitro, different carb. I'm looking for max performance, wide open throttle.