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This seems like the perfect reason not to buy it. I hate hate hate the career mode. Pitting you against the same model cars is lame. Are you able to build cars and race against modified stock cars (not race cars). I hated not being able to race my modified cars against other modified cars, only against race cars.
To my knowledge, you cannot do this, at least in the early game. But that's not a reason not to buy it. There don't seem to be many races all same models to be fair. Even the Focus races I Was talking about, my car was a good 20% better than the others (stock), since it was a prize award.
Thats were I get my fun. I had to shelf F2, I never even completed the career because I get my happies from building and painting cars, and not being able to race them against appropriate opponents killed it for me. I used to play only to build and then I would race against R2 and R3 class cars.