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Default RE: The RCFW Hellcat Group Build

Question. Any larger planes on the horizon?

I like the concept and it sounds like fun with the added comradeship, but I would say, many of us builders have moved into the larger war bird scales, 1/6 and 1/5 etc.

I have a Jemco P-47 (1/8th scale) that still sits unfinished after about 16 years. Just lost interest in the smaller nitro size and haven't gotten back on it yet.

These larger scales can easily be detailed to the max and still not be too crazy in wing loading. With advancement of very reasonably priced and reliable gas engines, these scales have never been so easy and fordable to power.

Perhaps a 1/6 scale Corsair or even a larger version of your Hellcat? I like the 1/6 size as they are still large enough for the smaller gas engines available now, parts are larger and easier to detail IMO, and fairly inexpensive 12" full body pilot figures are easy to find for them.

Anyway, this will be a fun process to watch. Wish you all a good time.